Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pet Food Poisoners Plead Guilty And Face Jail Time

SOURCE: Business Owners Plead Guilty...Tainted Ingredient Used In Pet Food

6/16/09, SUMMARY: Matt J. Whitworth, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Western
District of Missouri, announced that Sally Qing Miller, 43, a Chinese
national, and her husband, Stephen S. Miller, 56 (both of Las Vegas, Nev.)
and their company, Chemnutra, Inc., pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate
Judge John Maughmer to distributing a tainted ingredient used in pet food.
[Their action led to] a nationwide recall of pet food in 2007... FDA
consumer reports suggest that approximately 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs died.

Under federal statutes, the Millers are each subject to a sentence of up to
two years in federal prison without parole, plus a fine up to $200,000 and
an order of restitution. Chemnutra is subject to a fine up to $400,000 and
an order of restitution...

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