Monday, April 13, 2009

What Kind of Dog Food will the First Pup be Eating?

It’s official, the Obama family have their new dog. Senator Edward Kennedy gave the

First Family a six month old Portuguese Water Dog. Several websites have reported the puppy’s arrival at the Whitehouse, none have reported what type of food the First Dog will be eating.

The Washington Post reports that Senator Edward Kennedy has given the First Family a six month old Portuguese Water Dog the Obama girls named Bo.

While it is reported the White House wanted to keep the new puppy news under wraps for a few more weeks, the Washington Post seemed to have all the news on Bo. “Bo's a handsome little guy. Well suited for formal occasions at the White House, he's got tuxedo-black fur, with a white chest, white paws and a rakish white goatee.”

“Some issues remain to be resolved. Where, for instance, will Bo sleep? The White House has plenty of rooms to choose from, but the great question of whether he'll get to bunk with one or both of the girls remains undecided. The feeding and walking schedules are also still to be hammered out -- a "family decision," the source said. All of this is new to the first family. Sasha and Malia have never had pets. And neither the first lady nor the president had dogs growing up.”

While the Washington Post feels the ‘great question’ will be where Bo sleeps, I’m more curious of what food Bo will eat. I’ve sent an email to the White House requesting information about Bo’s food.

Just imagine, if the President and First Lady, like so many other American families, allow their children the responsibility to help choose a dog food for Bo. Imagine if perhaps the unknowing children and parents, again just like so many other families, choose a pet food based on clever and heartwarming advertising. What if by chance that dog food contained ingredients such as Meat and Bone Meal and/or Animal Fat; two common pet food ingredients determined by the FDA to be of risk to contain a euthanized animal.

Take this step one further, and imagine the young Obama girls feeding Bo daily, a responsibility given to children everyday. Handling and touching a dog food that could contain lethal drugs and diseased euthanized animals. It’s not a pleasant picture is it?

It will be interesting to learn what brand of dog food or what style of feeding the Obama’s choose for the new First Dog Bo. It will VERY interesting if we learn the choice of dog food for Bo will be one that contains Meat and Bone Meal, Animal Fat, or other ingredients that are actually prohibited in any food by Federal laws (an FDA policy provides pet food manufacturers the opportunity to recycle trash into pet foods – this ‘policy should be illegal, it doesn’t over ride Federal law, but no one of authority to enforce Federal law seems to care). What would happen if the President and his family happen to feed Bo a dog food that technically violates Federal law?

If I happen to receive a response from the White House on the brand of food chosen for Bo, you’ll be the first to know.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Truth about Pet Food
Petsumer Report

Upon reading the part in this article that indicated the prez wanted to keep the news about the new dog quiet for awhile, I am wondering, could the reason be to allow him time to think of a good excuse to tell the AR people as to why he broke his promice to them to adopt a shelter dog?

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